Why Should You Consider Root Canals?

Why Should You Consider Root Canals?

Posted by Dr. Knaysi on Jun 5 2021, 10:47 AM

Why Should You Consider Root Canals?

A root canal treatment is performed to heal the interior of a tooth that has been damaged. Endodontic treatment is another name for it. 

Drilling a hole in the tooth and removing the soft center, known as the dental pulp, is the procedure. The dental pulp extends into the tooth and comprises connective tissue, nerves, and blood supply. The space is filled and sealed once the pulp is removed.

If necessary, the crown, or chewing surface of the tooth, might be replaced as well. Your regular dentist or a specialist endodontist can do root canal treatment.

Why is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

A root canal might save a tooth that has become infected or damaged. Due to decay, repetitive dental work, wear and tear, gum disease, broken fillings, or a tooth injury, the tooth may get infected or damaged. 

Bacteria can proliferate inside the tooth if the dental pulp is injured. This can result in an infection or an abscess, which is a pus-filled pocket at the tip of the tooth's root. 

It is critical to save your own tooth if at all feasible. When a tooth is lost, it might cause additional issues in the mouth. More complicated dental operations are often required to replace a missing tooth with an artificial one. Root canal therapy is frequently the most effective option to save a tooth. 

How to Know That One Needs a Root Canal Treatment?

Following are the signs that someone might need a root canal treatment:

  • Swollen and painful gums 
  • Hot or cold sensitivity
  • Toothache while biting or chewing
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Formation of pus around the infected tooth

Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is usually a simple treatment that causes little or no pain. One to three visits to the dentist are required. 

First, in order to access the pulp, the dentist will make an opening through the top of the tooth. The pulp is removed if it is damaged or dead, and the root canals are irrigated and medicated. Then, to safeguard the tooth between procedures, a temporary filling is inserted in the opening at the top of the tooth. Alternatively, the tooth can be kept exposed for a few days to drain. 

After that, the temporary filling is removed, followed by cleaning and filling of the pulp chamber and root canal(s). The tooth is then covered with a crown. The endodontist who is doing the procedure will suggest you see your dentist after finishing the last step. 

Benefits of Root Canal Procedure

The root canal is a painless procedure that has the following benefits to offer:

  • Pain and discomfort relief
  • Prevention of infection spread
  • A tooth restored to health that can last a lifetime 
  • No interruptions or adjustments to the other teeth
  • Normal biting and chewing sensations
  • Preservation of your natural smile

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